Bruised Ribs, As An Excuse

Several months ago I fell through the floor/ceiling. Well, halfway through. I had torn up the hardwood floor and subfloor of my dining room because cats don’t care what their ruin. Removing everything was a long and dirty process, but the process was coming to an end. Everything was up and I was ready to start laying down the new plywood subfloor. And then, my foot slips off a beam and through the drywall ceiling in the basement. I bruise/crack my ribs (Who knows? It doesn’t matter. The treatment is the same. Let’s go with the less dramatic version of events.) on the beam, which keeps me from falling onto the elliptical machine in the basement. I assume the elliptical machine would have impaled my brain or something, so we’ll call me lucky.

There isn’t much you can do for bruised ribs aside from rest. Most anything you do hurts them in one way or another. So positioning the plywood into place was out of the question. Finishing the subfloor was put on hold.

I was feeling better about 4 months ago. I didn’t bother finishing the subfloor until last night. The excuse of the bruised ribs rolled itself into a ball and continued down the hill to sitting in bed and watching TV. I had to put off finishing the floor, which led to me believe I could continue putting off finishing the floor.

How did I get out of this rut? By writing a blog post yesterday about the plateau of laziness. You see, these blog entries aren’t for you, they’re for me. If they help you out, great! I’m sure you can relate to certain things. But my jump back into the observation of my barriers helped me finish that stupid subfloor.

And it felt great. Now for the floor floor. It’ll happen. I think.

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