But I’ve Failed Before

Notebook collectionSo you’ve failed! Who cares? I can’t count the times I’ve said I’ll blog every day, and then haven’t. But I’m trying again.

So what makes now different? Everything. Every time you try something, it’s different. That sounds pretty obvious, but let’s continue.

Did you continue? Come on. It’s not the longest blog entry. Keep reading.

When trying anything again, you’re not starting from scratch. Starting again isn’t like a blank piece of paper with endless possibilities. Think of each attempt as the next page in a notebook. There are pages before and pages after. And the pages before show that you’re willing to try. And the fact that you’re on a new page means you want to continue trying.

The time is different. The circumstances are different. Maybe it’s a day, a week, or a month later. Maybe you’re busier. Maybe you’re bored…er. Time moves forward, and you’re moving along with it. If there’s something you want to do but haven’t been able to, there’s no shame in trying again. You might make it happen this time. That’d be pretty great.

I’m typing this blog entry the day before it is posted. That isn’t cheating, is it? I’m counting it as three days of blog entries.


  1. I encourage your attempt to blog every day. If that fails, you can claim you meant to say “week” when you said “day.” Or you could try “fortnight,” since no one understands what that means.

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