Greetings and Other Words

And so it starts. Another new blog. I probably shouldn’t start out the first sentence of the introductory post with “and.” Seems like something my English teachers would have frowned upon. Also, all these sentence fragments seem to be hanging out and having a party. Those should be cleaned up. However, I’d much rather talk about the things that are wrong than do anything about them.

My name is Aric McKeown. You may or may not have heard of me. You probably haven’t. Don’t feel bad about it. We’ll soon become fast friends. And, every so often, we’ll IM each other for a minute. That’ll be nice, won’t it? Really chummy like.

I have an antsy brain. I pick up and drop projects the same way tornadoes do farm houses. Ideas come to me and I have to put them out into the world. They stay in my brain, no matter how absurd and dumb they may seem.

This blog is intended to catalog and monitor my projects, their successes, and their failures. The failure water will surely find itself flooding into my success hull. Hopefully, my persistence bilge pump will out perform my laziness…I just ran out of metaphors. Laziness something to do with a ship. Sails? No.

There you have it. Past projects will be analyzed. Current projects will be have some light shed on them. Future projects will be birthed. Gross. Sorry.

Stick around. And let’s hope this isn’t one of those projects that ends up as a failure.