Trading Spouses and Make Me Watch TV

I ran a site called Make Me Watch TV for about a year. We’ll go into more detail about that project it in a future post, but I’ll give you a quick explanation of the site now.

I allowed strangers to vote on what I should watch every weekday evening. I would then blog about the experience live while on webcam. Pretty simple. Pretty stupid.

The site has been a graveyard for a few years, except for the comments section for one post. I was forced to watch a particularly controversial episode of Trading Spouses. The episode gets rerun every so often, and when it does people look for someplace to fight about it. They find my site.

It’s at 125 comments and counting. It’s pretty interesting stuff. People start by commenting on how terrible one family on the show is, and end up yelling about the reality of reality television. It’s a peek into the minds of the TV watching and internet fighting populace.

And for the Godwin’s law staticians, Hilter was brought up in the 8th comment.