Cleaning House

Mr. Clean Sample Bottle, 1958This isn’t an article about how you should brush away the cobwebs of ideas in your own brain and let the sunshine in as you dig through what has been stored in your head attic. This is literally about cleaning house.

I have the next week off of work. And what fun things will I be doing? I’ll be cleaning the house.

In the past, I have been unrealistic about similar situations. I thought “I’ll take a week off and get the house in perfect order!” And then I spend two days cleaning and the next three days thinking that I should be cleaning.

Thinking about cleaning is stressful.

It’s time to get real. I know I’m not going to use the full week to clean. I’m going to make sure I do some steady cleaning for two days, and then a little the next few days in between the playing of video games.

There is no use in fooling yourself. Reaching for the stars doesn’t apply to cleaning your house.

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