The Creative Struggle Against Inevitability

Art Appreciation II

Art Appreciation II from Dustin Gaffke

There is art in each creative mind that will never come out of another. A weird mix of genes and chemicals make each mind unique. There are jokes, books, movies, sculptures, paintings, plays, music, comics, architecture, designs, and so much more in each individual. And when an individual is gone, so are all the possibilities locked inside them. There will never be someone who can do the same creative work ever again. The books never written. The laughter never created. The joy never spread.

The important things left in the world are not paperwork from a desk job or the timely fashion in which a lawn is mowed. These tasks can be done by most anybody. There is nothing special about them. And if a lawn mower passes away, then there is an equally good lawn mower that can take their place.

Art is special. That isn’t to say the majority of art will stand the test of time. Leaving a piece of work that will last for generations into the future is an absurd and gargantuan goal. However, that isn’t a reason to sit on ones hands. If anything, it’s a reason to do what you can while you can.

Aww nuts, I’m going to change literary perspectives now. Get out there and leave everything you have out in the world! Fulfill yourself with the amazing things you can do. There great ideas locked in you and there is a limited amount of time to get them out.

That doesn’t mean that you should stress about the end. All things must end. But don’t fool yourself into thinking there will be time later to do the things you want to do now. Keep creating as only you can. While this “unique snowflake” feel good attitude has ruined many a school child, no one else can do what you are capable of. That guy standing over there can’t write the short story about the child that is his own parents. That gal sitting over there isn’t going to make a stranger cry with complex combinations of colors on canvas.

Everything you are is locked in you. It takes the constant work of a lifetime to leave it this world. There will be nothing quite as fulfilling as being who you can be while you can.

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