If a Project Falls in the Forest

ForestIf you never tell anybody about a project you’re working on, and it fails, does it really matter?

I have an illogical hangup that involves not telling people about exciting things I am working on. I feel that, if I tell anybody, then I’m jinxing it.

Example? During my Make Me Watch TV days, I was approached to be a commentator on a Toronto television program where people talk about pop-culture things as they fly quickly past your TV screen. I know you’ve seen VH1 before. Like that.

Okay. So I didn’t tell a lot of people about it, because I had this gnawing feeling that it wouldn’t happen. But I still chatted it up. And it fell through.

Would it have fallen through if I didn’t tell anybody about it? Of course. But then I would be the only one who knew nothing had come of it. So why does that matter?

It doesn’t matter. Someone might say “hey, how is that thing going?” And then I’d say “it isn’t.” Then it’d uncomfortable for a second, and we would move on.

What is the upside of telling people about your projects? Support. It’s hard to go through the world alone. We’re all scared, right? Why not have people rooting for you?

If you keep trying, no one will call you a failure. So what if something you tried didn’t pan out? You’re not through.

So my upcoming projects, which are little to unknown? Making new Danny Washington and Educational Egg videos with MPLS.TV. Making new So I Am Told videos for a yet unannounced comedy website. And making Mustache Rangers puppet videos with an extremely talented video producer.

Will these projects succeed or fail? Who knows? But I’m trying. And I’m trying publicly. And if they do fail, it won’t be because I told you.

Unless you sabotage me. That’d be a weird thing for you to do. What gives?

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