I’m No Expert

WTF With Marc MaronI’ve been listening to a lot of the WTF with Marc Maron podcast recently, which is more than a little responsible for the creation of this site. Take a listen, if you haven’t. Marc has an amazing interview style. He turns most every question into a question about himself. While this might make it seem like Marc is full of himself, he isn’t. Marc’s openness regarding every part of his personal life allows the people he is interviewing to open up and reveal their own guarded triumphs and insecurities.

And wouldn’t you know it? Celebrities are people. The more open Marc is, the more open they are, the more you feel a little better about yourself. This isn’t a matter of taking joy in the misery of others. This is a realization that there are people out there who have gone through things similar to you. People who continue to move on and create in spite of setbacks.

I’m no expert. I like to say that I’m okay at a lot of things, but not great at anything. At least, I like to say that in my head. Not to other people.

This site will fill itself with my personal musings about creative routines and the like. But these aren’t instructional howtos. There are no shortcuts to “hack your brain” here. These are observations from someone who you might see a little of yourself in. Someone who keeps plugging along, because they find joy in creation.

And I’m not trying to be full of myself. I’m simply putting myself out there and hoping it helps out others who feel and work the same way.

And if you don’t work the same way, feel free to laugh at me. But do it behind my back, if you’d be so kind. Thanks in advance!

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