Interesting or Amazing

Florentijn Hofman: Rubber Duck: Hong Kong 2013 / Crazyisgood Art Installation / SML.20130508.6D.05448“Interesting” isn’t good enough. An utterance of “huh” doesn’t come close to a “wow.” This is why creation is paralyzing and thrilling at the same time. There are a lot of “good enough” ideas out there that come along fairly easily. The challenge is to push past the desire to settle and waste time on something that is okay and wait for the truly inspirational ideas to hit.

At times it may feel like nothing is happening. Periods of lukewarm ideas can lead to self doubt. Maybe the spark of creation was lost or never existed. That’s the price of being picky and working to make the best. The valleys are low and filled with shadows and stomach acid.

Working on a plain is worse than the valleys. Okay ideas may pass, but the dizzying euphoric highs of an amazing idea crush the mediocrity of time wasted doing projects that don’t matter or inspire. A clear and obstruction free horizon are not a goal to work at. It’s the undiscovered peaks of the mind’s mountains that matter. The ideas that nobody else has discovered. Fresh footprints in the snow of untouched country.

Creative works should inspire and challenge. They shouldn’t settle for “interesting.” “Interesting” is how people describe scalloped potatoes with pinch of cumin added. It’s the “nice” used to describe a wallflower.

Don’t create with the goal of production. Always create with the intention to amaze. Otherwise nobody will care enough to remember. There is no point in making something forgettable. There is every reason to make something to astound.

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