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Let’s get back on track, shall we? Creativity! Inspiration! Laziness! Go!

So, surprise surprise, another new website. But, to show off my true laziness, announcing it isn’t even my scoop. The PlopList, a comedy podcast hub, has beaten me to the punch twice. Sure, I gave them the interview and told them about the website in the first place. Just, you know. I’m lazy, so I didn’t write it up myself right here on the website where I write about my projects.

But I did create the project! So there’s something. Anyway, let’s talk about it. Yeah?

NoisePicnic is a Minneapolis based podcast community focused on providing talented Minnesotans with the resources they need to create and publish their own podcasts. There is a staggering wealth of talent here in the Midwest. Podcasts are a great and easy way to share it with the world. I wrote an explication point after that sentence, but deleted it. Sounded too cheerleaderish.

The site was born when Mike Fotis, of improv and storytelling fringe fame, started up his own podcast for Metro Magazine (I wrote “megazine” by accident. The internet didn’t kill magazines. Megazine did!). But Mike didn’t have a place to put his archived podcasts and didn’t have an RSS feed.

So, I says. Why don’t we throw all our podcasts in a pot and invite other people along? And with a little inspiration from Wolf Den and Seth Godin, we were cooking.

Currently, the site has three podcast. All from the two of us. But there are three more podcasts in the works. And hopefully more to come after that!

So, NoisePicnic is in the Twin Cities to help create a podcasting community out of the already massive creative community. Also, you know. It’s also a good place to go if you want to listen to podcasts. That’s kind of the main point of it, right? It’s not just creative people sitting around and patting themselves on the back. That’s the Oscars.

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