One of These Days I Gotta Get Myself Organizized

Joseph Gordon-LevittThis site, a project itself, is part of another project I’m working on. Don’t worry, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We aren’t going any deeper than that.

It’s time to revamp Right now, it’s a dumping ground for whatever my brain spits out. Or it was. Let’s see here, the last post was from September of 2010. Huh. The site represents my actual laziness pretty well.

Maybe I shouldn’t lead with that. My online doppelganger could use some cleaning up. We’re moving the “projects” aspect and the “where to find Aric’s projects” over here. How do you do?

Brain dumps don’t belong there. They are better left fro Tumblr or Twitter sites. Not to pollute like a sewage line, but entertain like a sewage line with a grate at the end to catch some of the junk.

Next, resume time. Acting resume. When is the last time I updated this thing? What’s my suit size? Maybe I’d know if I bought suits. Oh, and I should get new headshots. And I’ll need to redesign the site. Save the content I like. Remove the rest.

Uck. It’s like cleaning a virtual house. And I’m no good at cleaning the regular kind of house.

Okay. Headshots scheduled for May 10th. Sounds like I gave myself a deadline to clean up I’ll get started on that May 9th.

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