Permission to Fail

Back to the Future IIYou’re holding yourself back if you aren’t giving yourself permission to fail.

Oh, and whenever I say “you” I’m really saying “me.” But hopefully my mes are relatable to your yous.

Permission to fail isn’t the same as giving up. If your only option is success, you’re going to try a lot less things. And even then, you might fail.

The more willing you are to go out there and try, the more chances you have to succeed. This is starting to sound a lot like dating advice. Did I mention you should wear a pink scarf and those Back to the Future 2 sunglasses from McDonald’s?

Failure is scary. It doesn’t feel good. But it is going to happen. No matter what, you’re going to fail at some things. And you’ll learn from them. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll succeed. And that will feel pretty great.

Ratios, right? It’s all about ratios. What if you succeed 5% of the time and fail 95%? Then the more you try, the more you’ll succeed.

So give yourself permission to fail, but only if you’re actually trying. If you limp into something because it’s okay to fail, then you haven’t learned a thing here. Jeez, commit to your projects already! Good luck with your weekend, not-learner!

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