SGT Peterson’s Boot Camp Knowingly Breaking the Law

EDIT: As of 10/20/2012, the SGT Peterson’s Boot Camp signs have begun to reappear.

For the time being, it seems like this issue is resolved. Click here to see the current status of this issue. The below content is kept as a record of events.

On June 9th I had a lovely conversation with Tim “SGT” Peterson over email. He wanted me to remove anything about his company from my blog. I wanted him to stop doing illegal things.

In the end, neither of us got what we wanted. My blog on SGT Peterson’s illegal advertising stayed up and SGT Peterson’s Boot Camp put up more illegal signs all over Minneapolis.

So, I went out today to capture the illegally placed signs on video. Enjoy and pass it around. Maybe then, SGT Peterson’s will stop littering in our lovely metropolis.

UPDATE 06/29/2011
I almost thought this issue had come to a close today. I saw this on the @SGTPetersons Twitter feed this morning.

SGT Peterson's Sold to Bally Total Fitness

What followed was a really weird press release, saying someone had JUST purchased 51% of SGT Peterson’s Boot Camp and then had sold it right over to Bally Total Fitness. SGT Peterson himself would only receive 10% of the $350,000 purchase price.

They also claimed to have entered into an exclusive agreement with Groupon. Groupon confirmed this in a separate email.

Oh yeah. And then the press release claimed that SGT Peterson’s would be taking over the Bally’s personal training program and kicking out anyone who wasn’t up to their quality and “core value” standards.

If this press release was true, then it would be great news for me! I wouldn’t have to keep cleaning up the SGT Peterson’s Boot Camp sign spam from around Minneapolis anymore! Happy day!

Then this came through on the separate @SGTPeterson Twitter account.

GOT YOU! WE (I) WILL NEVER SELL OUT. Especially to Bally Total Fitness! We just wanted to make sure you were all paying attention.

Aww nuts.


  1. Sheila McMahon says

    Hi Aric. So I’m finally checking out your website! Thanks for doing your part to keep MPLS beautiful. 🙂 Sheila

  2. What has this business done to you, that has you in such an uproar? Like many small businesses, that business has to come up with ways to market themselves. The people are simply attempting to earn an honest living, there are bigger fish to fry; for example all of the illegal white collar business transactions that occur each day and the outsourcing of quality jobs, etc… Would you see the small business folks stiffled? Is his sign distasteful? Do you loathe his work ethic? What is the core issue? I respect your right to your voice, it’s just that when i at the grand scheme of things I’m having difficulty with your premise. I respect your right to this medium as well, hopefully we can have a civil discussion, more like a CNN type thing and less like an O’reilly type discussion.


    • Cheryl says

      Aric: Thank you so much for your time.

      Royce: This is a blog post. Not an uproar. (You said it was an uproar, which is your opinion, not a fact.


      1.) Signs like SGT Peterson’s are not legal. Therefore SGT P. is breaking the law, continually and willfully, by paying people to do illegal acts.

      Do you realize that SGT peterson is NOT HONEST?

      The assumption: “there are bigger fish to fry.” This excuse is a distraction at best. In a typical conservative manner it is both distracting and AVOIDING the issue which is:

      SGT peterson’s boot camp breaks the law to make a dime.

      I only found this because I was looking at a Groupon & I wanted to read some reviews. Now I know that I should better spend my money elsewhere.


  3. Too bad Mr. Peterson doesn’t remember one client from another. I paid him $180 cash (with hand-written receipt) to begin receiving some one-on-one speed/agility workouts. Instead, we performed the exact same introductory evaluation I got during my first visit. When I tried to say, “We did this last time,” he got defensive and said something about, “It’s good to review.” Review? For $180 cash? Takes notes on your clients or something, man. I don’t care how you do it, but don’t waste my time AND MONEY reviewing your evaluation of my body. Plus, 20 minutes of our time was occupied by other members who did not have an appointment with him, but demanded his time during our session. I was left alone doing “stretches” and pelvic lifts that I could do at home. Extremely disappointed and PISSED OFF.

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