Weekends: The Struggle

Anti- Hobo CouchI sure hope you’re not visiting this site for “life hacks” on better ways of getting things done. Sure, it seems like I’m giving out advice. But I’m really only showing you how I process and work (or don’t work) on ideas and projects. Maybe you see yourself in some of these articles. Maybe you see the opposite of yourself. This site could be a “how-to” or a “do-not” depending on how you work. I’m not sure how to spin this weekend though.

What did I get done this weekend? Ummmm.

I recorded a story for somebody else’s podcast. I finally finished Halo: Reach. I tried to watch City Island. I tried to watch Monsters. I tried to watch Winter’s Bone. I successfully watched The Fighter.

Should I have written something more for this blog? Yes. Should I have worked on scripts for my video projects? Yes. Should I have written more scripts for Blank It? Yes.

It doesn’t feel good to not get things done, but sometimes you can’t get yourself going. It’s difficult to do things in the present so that your future self doesn’t feel like past you screwed him over. I think that sentence worked. We’ll say it did.

Creativity ebbs and flows. Sometimes you’re inspired and other times you want to eat cool ranch chips and watch Kurt Russel escape from someplace. There are tricks to shorten the ebbs and lengthen the flows (gross). Just realize that sometimes you’ll wear yourself out if you’re fighting against the current. There are times to push through and times wait for the next round of inspiration.

You want one trick to take away from this? Sorry. I don’t have one. Sometimes weekends, when you have the most free time to create, are simply for sitting on the couch.