The Deafening Echo

Yell - BarnstapleI was going to use a “does it make a sound” title for this post, but I already did that. It’d be a shame to start repeating myself so quickly. It might not matter to anyone aside from me, but it’d still matter.

There wasn’t a blog entry yesterday, and that destroys my latest attempt to “blog every day.” Hold on a second while I look up “bootstraps.” Hmmm. The origin of that phrase makes little sense. Let’s not get hung up on it.

This site, which is in its infancy, only gets traffic when I bug people on Twitter or Facebook about a new article. If there is no new entry for the day, the same amount of people visit the site as would if I wrote an entry and didn’t bug the world about it.

It’s really just an excuse, but it’s still hard. Creating without outside reaction is lonely. That’s probably why any god who creates the universe also needs to make people, so they can say “See? Yeah? Pretty good, right?” But then who will react to the people that the god creates? Let’s not get into paradoxes, okay?

So the site keeps rolling, waiting for things to catch on. Waiting for RSS subscribers and links from other sites. Until then, I’ll have to keep yelling out into internet with the hopes that someone will hear the yelling and like it.

Nobody likes yelling. I’ll speak at a reasonable level.