The Neglected Lawn

No Lawn Mowing Today!One big issue that comes with being focused on your creative projects is you focus to the determent of your non-creative responsibilities. Let’s just use, as an example, my lawn.

I haven’t mowed my lawn this year. I’m going to do it today! I swear! But here is a little story that comes along with the lawn neglect.

I do not live near a body of water, but ducks love to nest in my backyard. So, this Saturday, I stepped out into my yard to see if any waterfowl were making themselves a nice home.

While I was standing in the middle of the yard, my backyard neighbor lady (technical term, I know) leaves her house. Noticing me in the yard, she says “hope you’re thinking about mowing.”

Okay, yeah. The yard is a mess. And I will mow it. But, first off, that’s a weird thing to say to anyone in passing.

But second, these are the first words she has spoken to me in the four years I have lived in my home. If I had any presence of mind, I would have said “nice to meet you too.” But I didn’t. Oh, missed opportunities.

So, somewhat out of spite, I didn’t rush to mow my yard. I went inside and worked on some podcast projects.

But I will mow lawn. And, a nice “how are you” would be a better first time greeting, backyard neighbor lady.


  1. You should mow the words “nice to meet you too” in your lawn like they do on major league baseball fields.

  2. We should put in a pool. The yard is just too big. Plus, that would solve the lack of a body of water problem.

  3. For an upstanding citizen such as yourself one would think you could manage to keep your lawn mowed. But keep saving the rest of the world…

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