The SGT Peterson’s Signs Have Stopped

EDIT: As of 10/20/2012, the SGT Peterson’s Boot Camp signs have begun to reappear.

After my email exchange with Tim Peterson took a menacing tone, I thought it might be a good idea to get the press involved. You can find the Star Tribune article right here.

With Tim Peterson publicly stating that his company will stop putting up illegal signs (again), it seems like this one particular sign battle is over. And so, as the nice guy I am, I am taking down the below Google review.

SGT Peterson's Review

Assuming he truly has stopped, then my “continues to” statement is inaccurate. Of course, if more illegally placed signs pop up, then the statement becomes true again.

But, really, I hope this is the end of this battle. Feel free to contact SGT Peterson’s Boot Camp and take a class there. I have nothing against the business. I have something against illegal advertising practices. And since those practices have stopped, I don’t have anything else to say.

As the article states, we have the right to pluck illegal advertising out of the ground and off of utility poles. Keep your neighborhoods beautiful. Be proud of where you live. I’ll help out the best I can. You see, I get busy sometimes.


  1. I’m glad we’re finally seeing results. I’m kinda surprised by the number of people who view your campaign negatively. “It isn’t hurting anyone, and they can just throw the signs out if they don’t want them on your property!” In response to those, my favorite among the comments was on July 30:
    “I hope Peterson won’t mind if I park my car in his driveway while I take a nap. I will always move eventually if the owner asks me.”

  2. Bandit117 says

    You seem like a douche. I have a neighbor who call the city over stupid shit like this, for things like “having bushes too high”. The guy puts up signs. You dont like the signs, citing city code. BFD. Minneapolis has way more problems then a guy putting up unauthorized signs.

  3. Aric,

    I came across your site a while back and even emailed SGT Peterson at his blog about INTEGRITY, which is one of our Army Values he should know. Doing what is right when nobody is watching. I told him he should no better and it’s basically comment sense, especially as a NCO (NonCommissioned Officer) in the ARMY that you do what is RIGHT not just some of the time, but ALL the time.

    We lead by EXAMPLE for others to follow.

    He is a business owner and should no better that putting up signs WITHOUT PERMISSION or operating in public parks without a license or permit or paying fees is ILLEGAL.

    You see, I too was military. I’m a retired Army Sergeant First-Class (E-7) who runs a bootcamp and was a Army Master Fitness Trainer and have led thousands of troops.

    We were taught and we tried to teach our subordinates the ARMY VALUES…which can be seen as an acronym below:

    L – oyalty
    D – uty
    R – espect
    S – elfless Service
    H – onor
    I – ntegrity
    P – ersonal Courage

    So, if SGT Peterson, who by the way according to his blog, has decided to go back to military recruiting, is still running his fitness business on the side, you should look into ILLEGAL PARK ACTIVITY in your city along with the ILLEGAL SIGN ACTIVITY.

    Other fitness businesses around the country are operating in parks, schools, etc….before and after core hours (8am – 5pm) of local Code Enforcement.

    This means, they are using public parks, schools, etc…ILLEGALLY….without a permit, license, etc…

    Keep up the good work of stopping the illegal sign activity and when you have time, check your local parks at 6am or 6pm during the Spring, Summer, and Fall time frame and you will see not only SGT Peterson, but many other fitness bootcamp businesses operating illegally.



  4. Thanks for the comments, all. I appreciate everyone’s perspectives.

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