To Extremes

Tiger on ParadeI take things to extremes when confronting fears. These aren’t “afraid of tigers” types of fears. If I lived in an area where a tiger might pop out at me for a quick snack, I’d probably stay inside and cry quietly on the floor. No, these are the social kinds of a fears. Like not having anything to say in a conversation besides “unh huh.”

So what do I do? Improv. On a stage. In front of people. I go from the fear of having nothing to say to one person all the way to deliberately going in empty handed in front of a crowd of people expecting entertainment. The stakes are high and I love it.

I’m getting into a rather annoying habit of starting each sentence with a question. I was going to say “did it help?” But now I don’t want to. Let’s try something different.

Fifteen years later, I’m still quite socially awkward. But I have improv to point to. I can say “See? I’m not like this all the time!” Most people are shocked when I tell them I improvise. This leads me to believe I should bring more from the stage into everyday life.

The improv has helped. However, my personality hasn’t done a 180. I’m still who I am, and that person seems to be pretty awkward. But I know I can go to the extreme opposite. It’s in me, and that gives me something to hold on to and continue to work on.

Other extremes? I was a vegetarian for a year because I was bored. Not sure that helped with anything. Oh, son of a gun. I started this paragraph with a question.

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