Working Ahead

A capsule library at your fingertipsIs something I’m bad at. Did that work? The title being part of the first sentence? Bah. I’ll say it again in case it was dumb. Working ahead is something I’m bad at.

If a project needs to be done at 5pm on a Sunday evening, the project will expand fill the time between now and 5pm on a Sunday evening.

No. That’s wrong. In fact, it’s the opposite. The project will condense and shift. Where a normal person might start working on this imaginary project on Tuesday evening, I’ll get started on Sunday morning. However, I will stress out about starting the project from Tuesday evening to Sunday morning. That sort of counts as working on it, right?

I know working ahead and not procrastinating would lead to more fun, but I’ve delayed completion of projects my entire life. In middle school I’d finish my homework, but not turn it in. Does that make any sense at all? I did the work. Why wouldn’t I turn that damn stuff in? Maybe fear of judgement. Oh boy, let’s not get off topic here.

Saying “it’s how I work” seems lame, but it’s how I feel. I get a lot of good stuff done at the last minute. Then again, a lot of good stuff probably slips through the cracks of time when I leave everything to the last moments.

There must be a way to combat this procrastination. Pretending the deadline is earlier doesn’t work. Knowing that working ahead is good for me doesn’t work. Turning off the TV doesn’t work.

I’ll do some thinking on this. I don’t have any answers. When logic and non-logic don’t work, what other options are left? At least I’m still finding ways to get stuff done.

And if anyone from work is reading this, I’m talking about my free-time creative projects. I’ll get to your stuff in a second.

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